S155 S23 Yuyin

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Product name : S155 S23 Yuyin


155cm(5ft1') White Skin Realistic BBW Sex Doll - S23 Yuyin

Silicone Sex Doll Information


Listen to the sound of drizzle in the spring night. Thin rain drops drip, and traces are drawn in the air. 

When you close your eyes and listen, can you feel the quietness of the rain as quietly as this 155CM

BBW Japanese sex doll. Looking at her face, you will naturally put all the busyness aside.

Follow Yuyin to experience this wonderful sound of rain, and the sound gently approaches your ears.

The Woderful sound enters you and YuYin's heart. It is a song of your own nature that will make you endlessly

sublimate. No nosie, no trifles, only you and this closed eye gorgeous bbw sex doll listen to the same rain.

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